Hello, NYC!

What if we told you that food can literally change your life?

Before we met, we had both experienced our own “food epiphany”, the moment we realized that most of our health issues could powerfully be solved by sticking to real food. For years, we were told we had to pop pills to mask back pain, hype ourselves up on caffeine to beat chronic fatigue, and were left wondering why our bodies could not keep up with our lives. 

Our paths crossed when we were both working at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Together, we were exposed to the massive international effort to reduce poverty, promote global health and protect the planet. Given our mutual love for creative healthy cuisine, we often found ourselves discussing these issues in front of bountiful plant-based lunches.

We realized that eating a whole food, plant-based diet can engender positive ripple effects that extend far beyond our personal health. In fact, it could help solve the exact problems we were tackling at the UN. Top nutritionists and leading United Nations experts were both pointing to plant-based diets as the way to go.
We started thinking: what if plant-based eating was accessible to all? What would happen if we made it easy for people to reap the benefits of optimal nutrition? If whole food plant-based eating was the rule rather than the exception in our societies, we could revolutionize our health systems and restore our ecosystems, from the bottom-up.
This is how we were inspired to start Kitchen Therapy – a service to help people transform their quality of life, one delicious meal at the time.
We believe every single person should know how it feels to be healthy, confident and full of energy. Our job is to make it easy for you, with a philosophy that is rooted in convenience, creativity, and care.
We are so excited to connect with our extended community through this blog. Kitchen Therapy is not only about great food, it's also about great friendships.
Stay tuned, there is lots more coming your way!