About Us


Federico became a cook and a foodie way before it was cool - around the age of three. In his early twenties, his life was forever changed by a series of spine injuries - which spurred his interest in the healing power of food. He then spent every free moment learning and experimenting with the delicious plant-based culinary traditions of the world, and found his way back to health in the most natural of fashions. With Kitchen Therapy, he wishes to empower others to improve their health by discovering nature's bountiful variety of delicious plant foods, in an easy and convenient way. Federico holds an M.Sc. from Georgetown University and a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. 


    Simonne always led an active and busy lifestyle—and was always as avid an exerciser as she was an eater. But after years of believing she can eat whatever she wanted as long as she worked out, she realized she was not as healthy— both physically and mentally—as she could be. Years of fluctuating weight, skin problems, and anxiety issues led her to finally revolutionize her eating habits by switching to a whole food, plant-based diet, while maintaining her busy lifestyle in the world of international diplomacy. The results were almost immediate and positively astounding. With Kitchen Therapy, Simonne is able to combine her passion for great-tasting, healthy food with her passion for helping others around her.