Diet & lifestyle counseling



Has chronic disease been taking a toll on you? Chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, excess weight or depression are just some of the illnesses of modern life that prevent us from realizing our true potential.

The good news is, positive change is within reach. Better food choices, physical activity, and a practice of mindfulness and meditation can revolutionize our health for the better, and create the life you want.

Kitchen Therapy helps you take control of your health by giving you tools that work with your lifestyle:

  • Cooking classes - online or in person;
  • Pantry makeovers;
  • Shopping for health: how to save money and maximize nutrition at the grocery store;
  • Social challenges: winning over your friends and family;
  • Cooking for the whole family: how to keep everyone happy and healthy without preparing a tailored menu for each;
  • Business meals and social gatherings: tricks to stay on track;
  • Mindfulness: learning to live in the present;
  • Integrating the right physical activity in you daily life;
  • … and much more.

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